An Issue of Thanks

It is with sincere appreciation that we thank Preview Editor Vera Blume.    Since 1989 she has been – with a few interruptions – writing and editing our monthly newsletter.       She has done an amazing job coordinating information from our many section chairs, program committee members and other volunteers.   Her partner,  Anne Vosti, will continue to stamp and address the printed copies.    Last year, Vera traveled with a medical team and volunteered for two weeks as pharmacist in a hospital in rural Cambodia.  Vera is very appreciative of the camaraderie and friendship she experienced over the years within the SUWC.  We welcome Marina Lewis as the new Preview editor.    We also honor and thank previous editors.

Martha Lyons 1988
Vera Blume 1989-1991
Edythe Hickman 1992-1993
Vera Blume 1994-1998
Natalie Weber 1999
Dallas Manning 2000-2004
Bernie Scoles 2005-2010
Vera Blume 2011-2017

Sharing the Work and much more with Dr. Myra Stober

Dr.  Myra Stober headlines Open Board Meeting on Wednesday, April 19th,

927 Mears Court, Stanford at 4 p.m.

Please attend the annual Open Board meeting to elect officers for next year.   We also have the opportunity to hear Dr. Myra Strober, Emerita at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and Graduate School of Business, discuss her latest book.

“Sharing the Work: What My Family and Career have Taught Me About Breaking Through (and Holding the Door Open for Others).”

Dr. Strober has been on the Stanford faculty since 1972, and was the first woman to teach in the Graduate School of Business.  She is a Labor Economist.  Her research has been on equal rights for women in the workplace, and the efforts of men and women to balance high powered careers with family responsibilities.


New Opportunity: New Member Welcome Role


We are looking for a volunteer for next year (2017-18) to organize a SUWC event especially for new members that join the club.   This is an opportunity for new members to be warmly welcomed and to meet each other.

Past year’s events include a weekday lunch at the Stanford Faculty Club, a midweek evening wine and cheese party and a weekend afternoon social at a member’s home.   Date and time of the event is flexible.    Please contact Teresa Judd or Audrey Gold if you may be interested in either organizing the event or possibly hosting it at your home.      These occasions have been fun and the role is not a big time commitment.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Congratulations to these 30+ year members of our Stanford University Women’s Club.  The interests and participation of these women in our Club’s activities have helped make it the vibrant group we are today.   We thank these amazing people for their contributions and continued support over the years.   Happy Valentine’s Day.

Year Joined Last First Other 30 + Last First
1946 Heckler Hallie Spurr  1952 Germane Janet
1947 Luck Eroeda Wiggins Elizabeth
1950 Weissbluth Margaret Green Margaret
1952 Levin Pat Agras Molly
1953 Fehrenbacher Virginia Parkinson Virginia
1954 Lieberman Helen Schubert Mid
1956 Manning Dallas
1957 Kino Dorothy Baxter Barbara
1958 Franklin Gertrude Bershader Phyllis
1959 Connolly Helen Lyell Ruth
1959 Widrow Ronna Mark Maxie
1959 Vosti Anne Rubenstein Nancy
1960 Scott Joy Schurman DeeDee
1960 Taylor Rita Switzer Gail
1961 Olkin Anita Webb Mimi
1961 Hastorf Barbara Moses Mary Lou
1962 Mansour Joan  1970  Basch  Natalicia
1962 Handy Marlene  1984  Pianetta  Ann
1963 White Phyllis
1965 Barnes Helene
1965 Harrison Lucky
1966 Van Horne Mimi
1967 Collman Pat
1969 Anderson Dorothy
1969 Nagel Pat
1969 Amemiya Yoshiko
1971 Sweeney Susan
1972 Gould Hilda
1973 Cohen Betty
1975 Bridges Marjorie
1975 Einaudi Meredith
1976 Siegmund Sandra
1977 Collins Maureen
1977 Zare Susan
1978 Pease Caroline
1982 Kay Iris
1986 Roberts Barbara
1987 Walker Victoria

Hallie and Eda at “Stitch and Chat.”

The Diary of Anne Frank Feb. 10 – 12

New SUWC member Jennie Bernheim is encouraging us to see the performance of The Diary of Anne Frank at the Menlo School February 10-12. In this time of extraordinary change in our country, consider taking the time to call a friend and see this poignant production together.

For those not familiar, The Diary of Anne Frank is a stage adaptation of the extraordinary writings of young Anne Frank, detailing life-in-hiding under Nazi terror in World War II. Anne’s diary lent a voice to the fight for human dignity and this adaptation brings to life one of the most important people of the 20th century, whose message is especially relevant today. Reserve your tickets now at

The Director, Steven Minning, has worked as a director and choreography in theaters across the country. He was the Assistant Director of Lion King on Broadway. Note in the interest of full disclosure, Jennie’s daughter Maddie, is playing Mrs. Frank, and her son, Ethan, will be Peter Van Daam.

Beaucoup Fun

 Here is a feature on the Chop Chop section where SUWC members enjoy hands-on cooking classes.   Thank you Yuet Berry for this news “scoop.”  If you’d like to know more about the next Chop Chop class, join the list!

January is the month when people in France eat a very traditional and yummy dessert called the “King’s Galette”.  It’s a puff pastry cake with the féve hidden inside ( a petite figurine). Our talented member Florence deBretagne graciously showed us how to make this wonderful cake and the French traditions associated with it.  We also prepared an “Eggplant Caviar”, a specialty from South of France and also found in Lebanese or Mediterranean food.   They were delicious treats shared with friends on a rainy afternoon.

In addition to being an amazing cook,  Florence is a talented artist.   Visit       Thank you Meng Sui for organizing the Chop Chop section and Florence for sharing her talents.

Florence prepares to cut the homemade bread

“King’s Galette” baked and enjoyed by Chop Chop chefs

Happy 100th Birthday Margaret!

Happy 100th Birthday to Margaret Weissenbuth.     She was born December 30th, 1916.      This incredible woman joined SUWC when she came to Stanford  in 1950 with her husband Mitchell Weissbluth, a physicist that helped create the first medical linear accelerator.   Two SUWC members Haillie Spurr (1946) and Eda Luck (1947) have been in our club longer.     Margaret taught elementary school children for many years until she retired in 1983.  In the summer you may find her at the Stanford Campus Recreation Center pool where she has been swimming since it opened 1962.  Helen Lieberman and Margaret are both charter members of SCRA.  Margaret welcomes visitors at her home on Pine Hill Road.   She enjoys SUWC club activities as well as Scrabble, crosswords, going out to lunch and daily walks.   You can find her contact info in the RedBook to make a date with her.  She inspires us with her curiosity, knowledge and energy.



Values, the Financial Crisis, and Goldman Sachs

Image result for new year 2017

Our first program of 2017 will be with Scotty McLennan.  He will address the “Values, the Financial Crisis and Goldman Sachs,” on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Stanford Humanities Center, Levinthal Auditorium (424 Santa Teresa Street).

Join us to learn how can we think about the ethical dimensions of the financial
crisis of 2008 now, with 20-20 hindsight? Specifically, what was
the responsibility of Wall Street investment banks? Scotty
McLennan will lead us through a Socratic discussion of the role of
Goldman Sachs before, during, and after the crisis. What were the
major issues? If you had been the CEO, what would you have
done? How can we use this case to learn about the process of
ethical decision-making in general? Scotty McLennan is a lecturer
in political economy at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He
is a lawyer, minister and author of four books. Scotty practiced law
for the first ten years of his career and then spent thirty years in university chaplaincy at Tufts University and at Stanford. He has taught business ethics at the GSB, Tufts and Harvard Business School.  All members and their guests are welcome.
This program is co-sponsored by the Humanities Center at Stanford

Author’s Coffee: Beethoven in China

You are invited to enjoy a Author’s Coffee on the afternoon of Thursday, November 17th at 1:30 pm, with Sheila Melvin who co-wrote Beethoven in China with her husband Jindong Cai, Stanford’s Symphony Orchestra Conductor. Sheila will bring copies of the book if people want to buy one. We will meet at the home of Joan Hancock in Palo Alto.  Please check the Preview or Redbook for her address.
Inline image 1
Here is a fun interview in the NY Times with Professor Jindong Cai regarding the book.  

Woodside Winery Tour a Winner

On October 23 a group of SUWC members enjoyed a wine tasting at Woodside Winery.  We sipped six different wines and were treated to a tour of the winery and their collection of antique and special cars!   Lunch was assorted pizzas, burgers and salads.  Designated drivers brought everyone home.

Good food, good drink, good friends, good tours all make for another wonderful SUWC trip.        Thank you Diane for this report and the photos.