Music as been a popular section for decades.   Trudy Roughgarden joined SUWC in 1972, and as a pianist herself, was attracted to this group.  From 1987 – 2009 she co-chaired with Sylvia Whitcher and now she leads it on her own.

Trudy shared the music section is influenced by world events.  She remembers meeting in 2001 shortly after 9/11 and how they were consoled by lovely music.       All performers generously donate their time and club members host at their homes.

Recently, the music section had an especially nice event with guests from Japan.   Talented SUWC member Junko Nakauchi played the shamisen, Saeko Araki sang and Suzu Kajiwara danced.

Following the performances there was a beautiful fashion show with commentary about the history of the kimono and the different types of kimonos by Kyoko Shiratori.  Guests also enjoyed a short talk by Zen monk Jiun Akamatsu.

If you are interested in learning more about Japanese music and dance more please contact Junko.  Her information is in the RedBook.   She teaches Nagauta-Shamisen at her home and can also connect you with Japanese Traditional Dancers.

Please see the club’s monthly newsletter to learn about the next meeting of the Music Section.   Thank you Trudy for all the you do to share music with us.