Florence joined our club in 2013 after being introduced by Joan Mansour and Betty Cohen.  She enjoys being part of the French Conversation, Great Decisions and Chop Chop (hands-on cooking) sections. After studying painting and photography in Paris 25 years ago, Florence moved to the Bay area with her family 12 years ago.  She describes her paintings as full of life and joy.  She shared “My enchanted gardens are filled with beautiful flowers and fruitful seeds. I also represent emblematic animals like roosters, peacocks, owls or butterflies. I am passionate about bringing joy and hope through painting into our troubled world.”  Besides her studio work, she has been painting about 80 murals at low income schools, from South San Francisco, to East Palo Alto, San Jose and more, in the past 7 years. If you stop by Cafe Borrone you will see her latest paintings exhibited in December.

Paintings by Florence

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