SUWC kicks off the New Year with an Italian Wine Party on Sunday, January 21. We will all raise our glasses to honor Lucky and Walt Harrison, for hosting many past wine tastings. Our club has been fortunate to have Lucky as a member for more than 50 years. Lucky served as co-President with Margaret Green in 2004-2006. She drove to Stanford, from Schenectady, New York, in 1965, with her husband and four young boys. They moved into their house on San Francisco Court — the site of many good tastes and toasts. Lucky recalls it was an exciting time when Stanford was growing quickly and there were 300 new families on campus. Her street had more than 30 kids. At the invitation of her neighbor, Barbara Hultgren, she promptly joined SUWC and the PTA.

Lucky & Walt Harrison

Lucky has been especially supportive of children in many ways. Before getting married she taught first grade after getting a Master’s degree at Cornell, thanks to a surprising Ford Foundation Fellowship. She served as a docent at the Cantor Art Center for over 35 years including the ten years when the museum was closed after the 1989 earthquake. Docents visited schools to teach art. Over fifty years ago, she started having a Fourth of July parade in her neighborhood, featuring children on their decorated bikes and trikes and followed by treats and drinks. This parade still happens annually and draws families together.   And in case you wondered, her parents named her Lucille.  She got the name “Lucky” at a sleep away camp when she was ten. Her favorite wine is a Sauvignon Blanc.