Dallas (Left) gives flowers to Mid for her 100th Birthday

Mid has been a member of the Stanford Women’s club for so many years we have lost count.   She came to Stanford for the first time, in 1962, for a summer session.  When her family returned in 1966, they bought a ivy covered “fixer-upper” home on campus. Her husband did most of the repair work himself.  She wasn’t expecting to stay as they had previously moved every few years including Indiana, Michigan, Iowa and Western Reserve.

Mid was raised on a farm in Illinois and went to a one room school house for grades K – 8.  She grew up with five sisters and one brother.  She recalls how they had a wash house and once a week was laundry day. They boiled water to clean the clothes and used a wringer washer before hanging everything to dry on clothes lines.  In the winter, the clothes would be frozen stiff.

She remains close to her family.  Every three years they have big reunions with all of the siblings, spouses, children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Incredibly, all her sisters, except one, are still living. Her big sister, Lillian, is 102.  Sadly, one sister passed away a couple years ago at 96 and her only brother died in a farming accident when he was 49.

In 1970, Mid met Dallas Manning in the Stanford Mother’s Club.  They are still good friends sharing interests in crafts and cooking.  For years, they were part of the Medical Faculty Wives (now defunct) that used to make beautiful quilts of embroidered scenes at Stanford and raffle them off for Medical School scholarships. Dallas remembers commenting that the quilts would look better framed with fabric rather than appliqueing the squares and lo and behold, she was recruited to do the framing. They also had fun together making things for the annual Mother’s Club boutique. Mid and Dallas co-chaired the children’s table at the annual Chrysanthemum Tea held at Syntex.  Another highlight was an annual fashion show with football players as models.

Among other talents, Mid makes a great jam. She brought her apricot jam recipe to the Mother’s Club because Dave Packard always gave them apricots from his orchard.  He left the Mother’s Club in his will and they still receive many lugs of apricots each year. Mid directed the process for decades and only recently stopped overseeing the jam making.

Mid also volunteered with the Bechtel International Center for a long time.  She remembers preparing hot lunches, with dessert, that would sell for 50 cents. Groups of international students and scholars would meet Americans for 8 weeks of discussions on different topics.

Mid and Dallas’ friendship represents the best part of our club. The reason to belong is to meet interesting people, find common interests and enjoy spending time together. Thank you to Dallas and Mid for sharing these memories with us. Happy Birthday 100th to Mid!