Author’s Coffee Part II:   On Thursday, February  22nd, Vera Blum hosted Authors’ Coffee at which SUWC member Ulla Morris-Carter talked about her book, Rivers of My Life.  And what a life it has been!  Ulla related in vivid details her memories of growing up in Dusseldorf, Germany, during the Second World War – the death of her father, nights spent in bomb shelters, and being sent away as a young girl to safety in the countryside.  Those in the large group attending the talk marveled at the vividness of those childhood memories. Ulla read excerpts from her book, and described her travails after moving to Cairo to pursue new opportunities in the 1950s, her marriage to American journalist (Joe Alex Morris of the New York Herald Tribune), the birth of three children and subsequent moves to Lebanon and Greece. In 1979, during the Iranian Revolution, her husband, then working for the LA Times, was shot and killed in Tehran. The tragedy sparked Ulla’s move to the U.S.  Meanwhile, Joe Alex Morris is remembered in an annual memorial lecture awarded at Harvard by the Nieman Foundation to an American overseas correspondent. Ulla has copies of her book if you are interested in purchasing a copy. Her contact information is in the Redbook.  Thank Ulla for sharing your story with us.