One of the club’s favorite and long running sections is Stitch & Chat.  The origins of the Stitch & Chat section are obscure, but it was most likely an offshoot of the Newcomers Club along with Explore the Campus. Gladys Kirkman, an early member, started a quilting group within the S&C section, inviting medical students’ wives to join. Each one worked on a square depicting campus scenery. At the end of the year, the squares were sewn together and the quilt raffled off to raise funds for the medical school. Their activity was seriously frowned upon because the raffle was considered gambling, so the group disbanded.

Peak attendance in the S&C section appears to have been in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. Often as many as two dozen women met in each other’s homes to do crafts and to share patterns and companionship. One gathering was so large that three cakes—homemade, of course—were not enough to share.

For the past decade a small group of dedicated members, led by Gerta Wilson, met at Eda Luck’s home.  At every meeting they had a wonderful time discussing news, current events, politics, and Stanford. The ladies are an amazingly talented group of with knitting, quilting, embroidery, and stitching going on (one lady makes baby blankets by hand for the preemies at the Stanford hospital), and always a goodly amount of chatting and joking. Their handiwork is accompanied by gallons of excellent tea and munchies.  Regretfully, they lost the wonderful venue at Eda’s and drifted for a year without a regular meeting place although Dallas Manning often hosted.

Greda and her stitches

Dallas sews a blanket

Fortunes recently turned when Kelly Steele offered to both lead and host the meetings at her home because she has had much fun sharing stitches, tea, and life stories.  She will add a vibrant perspective and infuse new energy to the group. Stitch & Chat welcomes new members and no special sewing or crafting skills are required! Come enjoy a cup of tea.  Please see the Preview for meeting details.

Abi knits

Submitted by Greta Wilson. Photos by Kelly Steele