Ecolit Hiking Group

The Ecolit Hiking Section began in 2019 with monthly meetings to share a hike and a discussion of literature about the environment and nature.  Its meetings were curtailed by the pandemic, but the section is being revived during 2021-2022 in a new format.  The section will no longer meet monthly, but instead will meet just TWICE during the year, once in late fall and once in late spring.  At these two events, members will celebrate our connection with the earth and with each other by sharing a group hike followed by a potluck picnic and shared readings about nature. 

UPCOMING ECOLIT EVENTS:  Watch for an email in October with details about the Fall Hike to be held in late November or early December!

If you were formerly on the Ecolit mailing list you are still there; if you would like to be added, please contact section leader Jody Foster and include “SUWC ECOLIT” in your subject line. Her contact information is in the Redbook Membership Directory and the monthly Preview newsletter.