Personal Writing Workshop

The Personal Writing Workshop (PWW) is a new section, starting in October. It will meet monthly for discussions and explorations of “personal writing” — a form that includes diaries, journals, vignettes, essays, family histories, meditative reflections, and chapter and book length memoirs. People engage in personal writing for many reasons: to explore and develop their thoughts about particular experiences; to capture treasured memories or stories; to record the details of their unique family history or travel adventures, and so on. The goal of the PWW section is to provide a structure for exploring and possibly engaging in personal writing on one’s own. Readings and discussions will be based on writing samples from professional memoirists as well as their advice about finding subjects, organizing one’s writings, making one’s writing more lively, developing an authorial voice, beginning and ending one’s writings, and so on. All writing by members of the section, and sharing of such writing, will be on an optional, voluntary basis. 

The section meets every 3rd Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM October through May.

If interested, please email Jody Foster. Her contact information is in the Redbook Membership Directory and the monthly Preview newsletter.