Cuisine Club

Our Cuisine Club is one of the oldest continuously attended sections of the SUWC. Originally, it was held in the evenings when couples attended. The group has a rich culinary history, including barbecuing a lamb and a pig, which a surgeon had the honor of carving.

Due to pandemic concerns we are becoming very innovative with what the Cuisine Club will be doing this year. We will be learning about foods, preparing foods, using new tools and appliances, getting new recipes, demonstrating what we know and want to share, and more. Via Zoom we will explore the same themes and country foods as before the pandemic, but not in person. All members will contribute their cooking talents, ideas and skills.

This section meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 1:00 PM.  When we gather in person again, we will go back to our usual time which would be 12:00 PM.

Cuisine Club is led by Diane Levin. Her contact information is in the Redbook Membership Directory and the monthly Preview newsletter.