Cuisine Club

Our Cuisine Club is one of the oldest continually-attended sections of the SUWC. It originally was held in the evenings when couples attended. The group has a rich culinary history, including barbecuing a lamb and hog which gave a surgeon the honor of carving. Today it is more sedate with members sharing appetizing dishes as well as their recipes. Themes and volunteer cooks are selected for the next month at a short meeting before enjoying these gourmet meals. Proposed themes may be for an ethnic meal, picnic fare, winter soups or traditional generations-ago dishes. The hostess provides beverages and luncheon atmosphere that we all love. It is truly the best possible of ladies’ luncheons!

Generally, this section meets on the second Tuesday of the month at noon.

Cuisine Club is led by Diane Levin.  Her email is in the Redbook Directory and the Preview newsletter.  For more details, please contact her.

Bon appétit,