Great Decisions

A lecture-discussion group focused on understanding the world’s most urgent issues

Our meetings are held during the winter and spring quarter of 2024 on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 7:30-9:00 PM on Zoom. Below is a list of this year’s eight topics. The topics are chosen by The Foreign Policy Association in New York City as the eight issues they believe are most significant to U.S. foreign policy decisions. The topics change every year. The Foreign Policy Association produces an annual book with a chapter on each topic to be discussed. Buying the book is optional but reading it makes the meetings more meaningful.

Great Decisions is probably the nation’s oldest and largest foreign policy education program. To learn more about the FPA go to their website( are countless individual groups across the country meeting in senior centers,through organizations like AAUW or The League of Women Voters,in church communities and as part of the curriculum in high schools and colleges.

Our SUWC Great Decisions group has been fortunate to have the added topic insight and discussion leadership of Stanford University faculty who are experts in the subject we are studying. These professors voluntarily share their knowledge and time with us.

We have been meeting on Zoom for the past three years.Because we meet at night,many members have found Zoom more convenient and can also include their husbands/partners.It is also easier to persuade faculty to join us  if they can do so from their home or office.We try to maintain a regular meeting schedule but sometimes a faculty member’s availability requires date changes.The best way to insure that you don’t miss a meeting is to contact either of our section leaders,Meredith Einaudi or Antonia Fore and ask them to put you on our email and Zoom invitation list. Members who have been on that email list before will continue to receive our notices and Zoom invitations.We also list our meetings in The Preview.

Below is a list of our discussion topics for 2024:

 1.Mid East Realignment

2.Climate Technology and Competition

3.Science Across Borders

4.U.S.-China Trade Rivalry

5.NATO’s Future

2.Climate Technology and Competition

6.Understanding Indonesia

7.High Seas Treaty

8.Pandemic Preparedness

Section Leaders: Meredith Einaudi  and  Antonia Fore .

The contact information is in the Redbook Membership Directory and the monthly Preview newsletter.