Interested in World Affairs? Organized by SUWC member, Meredith Einaudi, Great Decisions is an opportunity to learn about critical foreign policy issues impacting our country today. Listen and discuss these issues in an informal setting where all views are welcome.

Meredith first heard about Great Decisions 15 years ago when she worked for the Mid-Peninsula YWCA and noticed a foreign affairs discussion group meeting under the title “Great Decisions”. Probably it was sponsored by AAUW or the League of Women Voters since both groups organize these discussion groups throughout the country.  In 2013 Meredith joined the Palo Alto AAUW primarily to participate in their Great Decisions  group. She found their meetings so stimulating in helping her understand the issues behind the headlines, that she wondered why we did not have a group of this kind at Stanford.

The Stanford University Women’s Club inaugurated our own GD group 2104. Our eight meeting topics follow the eight chapters in the text which is designed and edited by the Foreign Policy Association. Each year a new text is released giving backround information on those geographic areas or international concerns which the FPA thinks will most effect our nation’s interactions abroad in the coming year. Recognized authorities write each chapter and a separate FPA produced DVD expands upon each chapter with interviews and film footage. Buying the book is recommended but optional. Members may want to share the book purchase with another group member. What makes the SUWC Great Decisions meetings unique is that Meredith is fortunate to find Stanford professors who are authorities on the discussion subjects and willing to come and share their knowledge and perspectives with us.

Members of both SUWC and SCRA are eligible to join any or all meetings.  Spouses and partners are also welcome.

Great Decisions 2016 begins Monday evening, January 25.  The first topic will be “Middle East Alliances”. Those who plan to attend the majority of our meetings are urged to buy the text prepared by the Foreign Policy. To place your order for the text (cost $25) phone the Foreign Policy Association directly at (800) 477-5836 or (212) 481-8100. Be sure to order the text for 2016 and not 2015. The book will be mailed after 12/25/15.

Meeting Dates & Topics:

Jan. 25:   Middle East Alliances

Feb. 8: The Rise of ISIS

Feb. 22: The Future of Kurdistan

March 7: Migration

March 21: The United Nations;

April 11: The Koreas

April 25: Climate Change

May 9: Cuba and the U.S

Location: Community Room at SCRA (Stanford Campus Recreation Association) at the corner of Bowdoin Street and Stanford Avenue with convenient free parking. Meetings are 7:30 – 9:00 pm.

For more information contact Meredith Einaudi (327-2786)