Thank you to Public Safety Officers Bill Larson, Carole Pierce and Lorraine Soto and Sgt. Ceasar Campus for their advice at the safety briefing held on March 3. We appreciate Anne Vosti for hosting this meeting for our club members. Officer Bill and his team are incredibly helpful and available to assist campus residents and off campus members.


Public Safety Officers help SUWC members


See Something, Say Something! which serves as a reminder to immediately report suspicious activity or behavior to law enforcement.
Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-Emergency: (650) 329-2413 (24/7) Tip: Add this number to your mobile phone

Lock It or Lose It! which serves as a reminder to always secure your residence and vehicle when either will be unoccupied to help prevent a burglary or theft.

Be smart. Be safe. Be happy.

Enjoy these handouts shared at the meeting.

Home Security Preventive Measures Home Security Preventive Measures (Stanford Only)

Home Security Preventive Measures

Personal Safety Tips (General)

Suggested Travel Routes Map (2015)