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Our first program of 2017 will be with Scotty McLennan.  He will address the “Values, the Financial Crisis and Goldman Sachs,” on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Stanford Humanities Center, Levinthal Auditorium (424 Santa Teresa Street).

Join us to learn how can we think about the ethical dimensions of the financial
crisis of 2008 now, with 20-20 hindsight? Specifically, what was
the responsibility of Wall Street investment banks? Scotty
McLennan will lead us through a Socratic discussion of the role of
Goldman Sachs before, during, and after the crisis. What were the
major issues? If you had been the CEO, what would you have
done? How can we use this case to learn about the process of
ethical decision-making in general? Scotty McLennan is a lecturer
in political economy at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He
is a lawyer, minister and author of four books. Scotty practiced law
for the first ten years of his career and then spent thirty years in university chaplaincy at Tufts University and at Stanford. He has taught business ethics at the GSB, Tufts and Harvard Business School.  All members and their guests are welcome.
This program is co-sponsored by the Humanities Center at Stanford