Congratulations to these 30+ year members of our Stanford University Women’s Club.  The interests and participation of these women in our Club’s activities have helped make it the vibrant group we are today.   We thank these amazing people for their contributions and continued support over the years.   Happy Valentine’s Day.

Year Joined Last First Other 30 + Last First
1946 Heckler Hallie Spurr  1952 Germane Janet
1947 Luck Eroeda Wiggins Elizabeth
1950 Weissbluth Margaret Green Margaret
1952 Levin Pat Agras Molly
1953 Fehrenbacher Virginia Parkinson Virginia
1954 Lieberman Helen Schubert Mid
1956 Manning Dallas
1957 Kino Dorothy Baxter Barbara
1958 Franklin Gertrude Bershader Phyllis
1959 Connolly Helen Lyell Ruth
1959 Widrow Ronna Mark Maxie
1959 Vosti Anne Rubenstein Nancy
1960 Scott Joy Schurman DeeDee
1960 Taylor Rita Switzer Gail
1961 Olkin Anita Webb Mimi
1961 Hastorf Barbara Moses Mary Lou
1962 Mansour Joan  1970  Basch  Natalicia
1962 Handy Marlene  1984  Pianetta  Ann
1963 White Phyllis
1965 Barnes Helene
1965 Harrison Lucky
1966 Van Horne Mimi
1967 Collman Pat
1969 Anderson Dorothy
1969 Nagel Pat
1969 Amemiya Yoshiko
1971 Sweeney Susan
1972 Gould Hilda
1973 Cohen Betty
1975 Bridges Marjorie
1975 Einaudi Meredith
1976 Siegmund Sandra
1977 Collins Maureen
1977 Zare Susan
1978 Pease Caroline
1982 Kay Iris
1986 Roberts Barbara
1987 Walker Victoria

Hallie and Eda at “Stitch and Chat.”