June 2021

When we started our year we were hopeful that we would be going back to normal activities in the Fall of 2020. Alas, that was not to be the case.

The welcome tea at the President’s House became a wonderful Zoom event with breakout rooms which gave a chance for members to chat in smaller groups. Our Program Committee continued on with some other terrific programs on Zoom, including a fitness program, a make-up demonstration, a Valentine exchange, and a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Our sections continued to develop on Zoom and most continued on throughout the year. It was great to be able to have members who live out of the area join us. We added a new Bollybhangra section and the other sections kept things lively and going strong. All of our section leaders became very proficient on Zoom and added new capabilities, such as doing cooking demos in the Cuisine Club. Author’s Coffee opened up to the whole membership so we were all able to hear the speakers. There were many comments on how well we were able to keep things going in an exciting way and how much people looked forward to the Zoom sections. Additionally, membership in our book clubs grew, both our afternoon and evening sessions.

We are not sure exactly what the next year will bring. The board will be working on how to keep things going as we are able to get back to meeting in person and perhaps still offer some things on Zoom – so stay tuned!

With many thanks to everyone,

Ronna and Linda