Join us this Wednesday for a special talk by Professor John Chowning. The father of the digital synthesizer, inventor and composer, Chowning has altered the face of modern music. He will be talking about his involvement in developing synthetic acoustical sound. He will be demonstrating how he was able to simulate musical instruments and, the greatest challenge, the human voice. This is a unique opportunity to hear about this work.

March 13th at 4:00pm
Knoll Building
660 Lomita Drive
Members and guests are invited
No RSVP required

Parking can be complicated. Please contact Joy at the number above if you need more information.

Parking around the KNOLL (660 Lomita Dr.) is all open after 4:00. To get there, drive past Florence Moore Hall, on Mayfield (across from the Bechtel International House). Mayfield dies into Lomita Dr., which runs between Flo Mo and Lake Lagunita. Turn left from Mayfield, uphill, on Lomita Dr., stay right and get on Lomita Court where it splits off. It circles behind the KNOLL and the parking (some on each side) will be available for our 4:00 meeting. Car pooling is encouraged! All of the building doors on that back side are open until 5:00. They allow 2nd floor entrance. Walk thru the corridors to the elevator (or stairs), at the front of the building. Our lecture is on the 3rd floor in the “performance stage”. Signs will direct you to that room. Parking will also be available on Lomita Drive in front, below the KNOLL. There are several stairways up to the building lobby (which is on the 1st floor). Guests wishing to avoid such stairs might be dropped off in back for easy access and the car then parked in front by the driver.