If you have the “thyme” and enjoy delicious food, consider Cuisine Club. This wonderful section has been around for many years planning incredible meals around a wide array of interesting ideas, countries and themes.    Don’t worry if you aren’t a cook, you are still welcome to participate.

Luncheons this year mixed it up with a Mexican Taco Bar, Hungarian, West African, South China, and Spanish foods. Also featured was an English High Tea and a 50’s style luncheon.  And that’s not all…  they had their annual appetizer/hors d’oeuvre and brown bag exchanges too.    Thank you to Diane Levin for coordinating this group this past year.  You can contact her at dianelevin@hotmail.com or call her at 650 494-4991 to learn more.


Abi Fafchamps, Evi Byers, Diane Levin, Letitia Lai, Carol Kornfeld, Maxie Mark, Nancy Rubenstein savor a feast of fine food

Please let us know if you have a favorite memory from Cuisine Club to share.   You can add a comment on this post or sent me a note and I’ll do it for you.