As we enter the 124th year of the Stanford University Women’s Club, nothing could have prepared us for being in the midst of a pandemic. These are truly unprecedented times and as in so many things, life at Stanford is not business as usual. As you all know, at the time of this writing, undergraduates will not be returning to campus.

That being said, the Board has made a clear statement that we will continue as much as possible with our sections and programs. Little did any of us know we would be thrust into the use of the latest technology that allows for remote group participation, particularly Zoom. Some of us have perfected the efficient use of Zoom for the book group, movie group, the visual arts group, and other sections and we are all becoming fairly proficient. It’s allowed us to see each other and still carry on with some great discussions and learning. 

Unfortunately, although at first the President’s Office was willing to hold our annual brunch, it became necessary to cancel the event as the situation at Stanford became clearer. It is always such a lovely kick-off event, but we are working on ways for us to do some of it online including section sign-ups. 

Many of our sections will continue on using Zoom. In addition, we are encouraging people to suggest ideas for any Zoom groups they would like to start. Please contact our VP of Sections Katie Vigeant with any ideas for a section you would like to start on Zoom. The SUWC will provide support for a Zoom account if you need one and your idea is approved. 

We also encourage members to invite friends who may no longer live here to join. We now have members who retired and moved out of the area who have recently joined us so they could participate via Zoom in section meetings. 

In addition, our Program Committee is planning a number of exciting virtual programs throughout the year until we can get together in person. 

This is a time for us to be creative and we will continue to offer many activities as we best can. So, be sure to complete the enclosed membership form and include your dues (dues this year will help support the use of Zoom and other expenses for the sections and programs). 

We look forward to sharing an interesting year with you!           

Ronna and Linda