The Womens’ Club was founded in 1896 by Jessie Knight Jordan. The first meeting was at her home on campus. Today, SUWC is 121 years strong and still shares the ideals of our founders. We are proud of our part in the history of Stanford University. In support roles, our members have contributed much to the growth of the faculty, helped bring new families to the campus and welcomed them to the Stanford community.

We have retained our traditional values by sharing cultural activities and promoting friendship. We are always evaluating our programs and making changes to reflect current interests. This year we have new sections focused on “Your Health” and “Teen Horizons.”

Please enjoy our full schedule of activities including art, music, talks by faculty members, and parties in the lovely gardens of campus homes.  Details will be announced in the Preview newsletter. As always, all the work of keeping the club going is done by the volunteers.

Club members are traditionally welcomed back at the Hoover House in the fall.  Membership information and invites will be mailed soon.

Ellen McLennan & Ronna Widrow
Co-Presidents 2017-18