Author’s Coffee: Thursday, October 19th at 1:30 pm

We are honored to begin our Author’s Coffee section with Professor Barbara Babcock sharing her memoir Fish Raincoats: A Woman Lawyer’s Life.  Professor Babcock was the first female Stanford law professor, the first director of the District of Columbia Public Defender Service, one of the first women to be an Assistant Attorney General of the United States, and the biographer of California’s first woman lawyer, Clara Foltz. Survivor, pioneer, leader, and fervent defender of the powerless and colorful mobsters alike, Barbara Babcock led by example and by the written word. Her books will be available for purchase at the meeting.  Please check the Preview newsletter or contact Teresa Judd for the address of this event which will be held at a home on campus.   Teresa reports  “I have heard Professor Babcock speak and can promise you a fascinating afternoon on Thursday, October 19th, at 1:30 pm”    We appreciate Teresa and Andrea Van Niekerk organizing this opportunity.